Hubei University embarked on the academic journey in 1931, with the Department of Rural Education and the Specialized Subject of Popular Education. The effort was consolidated in 1944 with the establishment of the Department of Education. The Teaching and Research Groups of Pedagogy and Psychology were established in 1954. The Specialized Subject of Educational Administration followed suit in 1981 and the Department of Educational Management in 1985. In 1999, the Department of Education Management, the Institute of Educational Science and the Audio-Visual Education Center merged to form the Institute of Education. In 2005, supported by the Tian Jiabing Foundation of Hong Kong, the Institute of Education got renovated and expanded and came to be known with the name of Tian Jiabing Institute of Education, the present Faculty of Education.

The existing teaching and research institutes of the Tian Jiabing Institute of Education, namely, the Department of Education, Psychology, Educational Technology, Institute of Higher Education and several research centers, are comprehensive colleges overarching literatures and sciences. The institute offers three undergraduate majors in pedagogy, educational technology and psychology, two academic master degree authorizations of first-level disciplines in pedagogy and psychology and one professional master degree authorization in the discipline of education (education management).

The Institute now boasts 62 faculty members, including 52 full-time faculty members. The proportion of full-time teachers with senior titles is around 70%, and more than 65% of teachers possess doctoral degrees. There are four lecturer-professors in the "Chutian Scholar Program", one expert enjoying special allowances from the State Council, two members of the Teaching Steering Committee of the Ministry of Education, one young and middle-aged expert with outstanding contributions from Hubei Province, one expert enjoying allowances from the Government of Hubei Province, one famous teacher of teaching in Hubei Province, and one expert of the Advisory Committee of the People's Government of Hubei Province.

The Institute nurtures centers built around key disciplines of Hubei Province, including, pedagogy, teacher education, quality education, curriculum and teaching theory, college research, vocational education, artificial intelligence and education, brain and cognition research center, school of mental health and allied. There is a key research base of Humanities and Social Sciences of Universities of Hubei Province, "Hubei Primary and Middle School Quality Education Research Center". Provincial scientific research and teaching platforms such as "balanced development of informing and basic education" and "demonstration center of teachers' education and training in Colleges and universities of Hubei Province" are in the collaborative innovation center of Hubei Province since 2011. The key cornerstone of the Institute includes smart classroom, basic laboratory of Internet of Things for intelligent education, modern distance education laboratory, micro-classroom, brain evoked potential laboratory, biofeedback laboratory, eye movement laboratory and psychology. There are more than 30 teaching and scientific research laboratories specializing on pedagogical research and training.

In the past five years, the Institute has received about 15 million RMB in scientific research funds, which includes 4.815 million RMB for high-level research projects, 9 national projects and 21 provincial and ministerial projects, aimed to achieve breakthroughs in many projects of the National Natural Science Foundation and the National Social Science Foundation. The institute further received more than 10 million RMB for applied research projects and breakthrough projects from the military, for military production qualification and protection.

The institute has published 300 papers, of which 11 are in first-class periodicals, 42 monographs and textbooks, from 9 National Publishing houses. The Institute’s efforts have been recognized by 5 awards for consulting, research and application achievements approved by the main leaders of the provincial government of Hubei Province and the municipal government of Wuhan Municipal Committee, and 1 outstanding achievement award of Social Science in Hubei Province.

The Institute builds on the concept of "self-reliance and self-improvement, benefiting people and benefiting the world". It implements the talent training mode oriented by the development of students' multiple abilities. The Institute has over the years accomplished outstanding professional standard, high comprehensive quality and strong employment competitiveness, and has placed itself as a trove of treasure by the society and various employers.

The Institute provides theoretical and professional support for Hubei University to maintain and carry forward the tradition of teacher training and give full spectrum of characteristics and advantages of teacher training in comprehensive universities. The Institute strives in the pursuit of holistic, coordinated and sustainable development in personnel training, scientific research and social services, and continues to build high-level education colleges with distinctive characteristics.

The teachers and students of the Institute stand firm on the original intention and mission, as it enters a new era, embarking on a new journey to compose a new chapter.

College Leaders

Secretary: Wang Xinyuan

Deputy Secretary: Yu Yan

Dean: Li Mengqing

Vice Deans: Yang Bing, Cao Shuzhen and Li Muzhou

Director of Department of Education: Chen Wenjiao

Deputy Director: Ma Li

Director of Department of Educational Technology: Li Xinping

Deputy Director: Chen Dexin

Director of Department of Psychology: Wu Peng,

Deputy Director: Yin Shufei

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